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The Importance Of "Talk"
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Q Is the username and password case sensitive?
A Yes?
Q What if I do not have a username and password?
A Your teacher will give you your username and password
Q What if I can’t remember my password?
A There is a β€˜forgotten password’ button on the log in page. If you click on this, an email will be sent to your β€˜Chosen Adult’ who can reset this for you.
Q Should I tick the remember my password box?
A Only if this is your own computer. If other people use the computer they will be able to access your account if you tick this button.
Q Who is my Chosen Adult?
A You choose your Chosen Adult when your application form is completed. This is the form sent home from school which your parent or guardian has to sign. Your Chosen Adult can be anyone over the age of 18 years who you feel able to talk to. They need an email address which they are happy to provide when you join.

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