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Get the answers to questions about how easy and secure MindSafe is to launch in your school.

MindSafe is an online mental wellbeing tool for pupils, parents and schools, and available for MATs (Multi-Academy Trusts) to support them. Similar to mental health and wellbeing workshops, our platform offers person-centred counselling in action and includes a mood diary, journal, talk option and ‘about me’ information.

It gives peace of mind for parents and evidence-based decision making and impact assessment for educators as well as safeguarding support.

Each school that buys a licence has access to their own anonymised pupil data down to class and gender level. This shows how they are feeling about different emotions, the most used words from their Journal entries as well as general activity levels.

All pupils will have a Chosen Adult (nominated by the school) to whom they can reach out with a request to “Talk” about whatever they want to, when they need to.

Additionally to standard safeguarding measures MindSafe also includes a unique “Red Word” alert system. If a child uses a word in their account, known to put themselves or someone else at risk, the school will receive an immediate notification for this so you can take action as soon as possible.

You will also have access to real time reports and detailed usage analysis, identifying trends and patterns in what pupils are experiencing. If you use the PupilVoice surveys, you will also be able to see individual pupils’ responses along with class or whole school summary reports.

MindSafe is not an emergency service and that is made clear to our users. There are links to national 24/7 emergency support services at the top of every page.

All your pupils can benefit from using the tool, including those whose circumstances increases their vulnerability. Any child may want to talk about their wellbeing, share good news or sort a problem and the apps enable them to do so quickly, easily and in their own words.

You can also monitor how they are performing comparable to their peers or as a separate group.

Quick and easy – all we need from you are a few details from your school, and we’re ready to set up all your pupil and staff accounts. It only takes about 30 minutes to set up your whole school and provide you with the accounts.

Set up for secondary schools is even easier as log-in details are sent directly to the pupils. Then, throughout the year, you can manage minor changes such as adding new staff members or pupils.

If your school uses SIMS, you can also set MindSafe up directly from your SIMS tile store.

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MindSafe is easy to launch, and you can conveniently fit it into your curriculum. We provide you with supporting materials, including teacher training videos, a mental health presentation for students and student training videos and letters for parents.

We can also offer live Zoom training for your teachers and staff.

To get the most out of MindSafe a school needs to set aside only 5mins a week of class time.

“Staff incorporate it into their school day, but do not worry that it’s going to need a lot of time and support. It’s easy for staff to manage.”
Ash O - Teacher

MindSafe servers are secured with firewalls, DDSV, redundancy protection and have back-ups. All information is stored on Microsoft Azure servers based in the UK, and all data is protected in the Azure environment with daily back-ups.

Furthermore, our development team complies with the NHS Digital Compliance rules on handling sensitive data. Each account is password-protected, and data is only stored with consent during account sign-up and again each time a ‘Talk’ request is made.

MindSafe is one of the very few systems that is UK developed, hosted and stored. We also meet NHS Data Security and protection Toolkit standards, which measures performance against the National Data Guardians 10 data security standards.

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All MindSafe accounts are private and secure. Anything shared from an individual’s account can only be done at their request and with their permission. When users’ emotional states change significantly, they will be “Nudged” and encouraged to use the “Talk” facility.

Educators can see anonymous data and assist them through evidence-based decision making and provide further support.

MindSafe uses simple, age appropriate language and appealing icons, all co-designed with young people for young people. In addition, they can use photos, videos and emojis to express themselves in the way that is most accessible for them.

In addition, MindSafe can use dictation to text from all major devices without the need for any plug in.

MindSafe offers excellent value for money and is incredibly affordable. Depending on the size of your school the cost per year will typically be between £900 and £2500 per school for the full supported service for the whole year. There are no additional charges, and this covers unlimited staff users, pupils, secure storage and support.

MindSafe is registered with the information commissioner's office. We are fully compliant with GDPR and the UK Data Protection Act 2018.

All sensitive data is encrypted in transit and at rest as well as protection from both Denial of Service and Azure environments. The Mindsafe Development team complies with the NHS Digital Compliance rules on handling sensitive data. Each account is also password protected with data storage further managed by consents at account sign-up and again every time a Talk request is made.

We meet NHS Data Security and protection Toolkit standards, which measures performance against the National Data Guardians 10 data security standards.

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Read our full users privacy information in our Terms of Service here.

As soon as you register your school though our 3-minute online registration portal or SIMS your service will be switched on and you will immediately have access to our onboarding and implementation programme.
Yes, most MIS systems can be used to enable student accounts to be set up in as little as 20 minutes using a simple data extract. We are also integrated with SIMs.
You can watch our demo video below or click on 'Book a Demo' to arrange an in person call with one of our school support team.

We know of children as young as 6 years able to use MindSafe. We have difference versions for both primary and secondary schools, so everything they use is accessible and age appropriate to them.

Any child who able to have their own email account can sign up directly for a free account.

MindSafe comprehensively supports Article 12 of the Convention which establishes the right of every child to freely express her or his views, in all matters affecting her or him, and the subsequent right for those views to be given due weight, according to the child's age and maturity.
Of course. Please email your specific question using the 'Make an Enquiry' button below and we will get back to you very shortly. Alternatively, you can call us on 0121 769 0716.
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