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Nurturing and Supporting Studentsโ€™ Mental Health and Wellbeing
Child-Led. Child Centred. School Focused.
Thereโ€™s never been a better time to place mental health at the core of your school, at a time thatโ€™s brought no end of anxiety and stress. MindSafe is an evidence based tool that can help pupils and schools manage their emotions and develop resilience.

Our digital wellbeing app integrates a personalised mood diary to help pupils understand their feelings and become aware of their resulting emotions. Mindsafe also provide links to national 24/7 emergency support services at the top of each page.

Weโ€™ve based MindSafe around the five ways to wellbeing, the Thrive approach to positive wellbeing and the Anna Freud Schools in Mind Resources.

Why you need MindSafe

Schools are required to meet statutory and non-statory guidance of provision for all pupils around mental health and wellbeing.

There are a lack of child-led, evidenced based tools to support schools delivering whole school mental wellbeing. MindSafe places the child at the heart of their story through digital technology to satisfy these unmet needs.

Other challenges and issues are:

Competing priorities

Resource intensive - staff and time


Resources that standalone and are not a part of your whole school wellbeing approach

Safeguarding concerns affecting all pupils and staff

Lack of engagement and ownership from staff and students

Tools that are complex to use or require significant training

24/7 Support
Mood Diary
Direct links to urgent need services and MindSafe can be used 24/7
Can help make informed lifestyle decisions, avoid triggers of negative moods and build resilience
A multi-media journal is a proven mechanism for improving coping skills and identifying and processing negative emotions
About Me
Mood History/Reports
Encourages self-knowledge, independence and autonomy as well as being a vital tool for building self confidence
Access help, support and advice from trusted adults, that pupils know and are selected by the school
Instant reports show detailed emotional trends for personal growth and development, which further supports safeguarding

The MindSafe Solution

A child's wellbeing goes beyond academic success. It is critical to teach children about how to look after their mental health. Wellbeing upon leaving school has a far greater impact on life's outcomes than exam success.

MindSafe allows schools to identify their un-met needs and monitor the impact of a whole school approach to wellbeing. MindSafe facilitates targeted support, the ethos and environment and student voice elements of the 8 principles of promoting mental health and wellbeing in schools and colleges.

MindSafe teaches pupils that it's okay to talk about how they feel. It also enables users to reach out to trusted adults or find 24-hour access to support wherever, whenever they need it most.

Essentially, MindSafe is a friend in a child's pocket, available to them at all times.

"MindSafe has been a real success in terms of student engagement. They want to log on, they want to identify their emotions and they want to talk about it with each other."
Ash O - Teacher
Secure, easy to use and helps your pupils and team
Supports thousands of pupils in primary and secondary schools
Provides metrics in real-time
MindSafe's dashboard makes it easy for you to measure and monitor your schools' performance
Tracks your key perfomance indicators (KPIs) for reports like Ofsted
Helps you discover real trends, supports safeguarding and wellbeing measures and encourages transparency

Let us work with you to make your school MindSafe

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