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MindSafe is an online digital tool and mental wellbeing service for pupils 6-18 years old and offers you:

A safe and secure online space supporting your mental wellbeing

24/7 access at affordable rates

A unique child-led approach

Precise analytics allowing schools to make evidence-based decisions on delivering appropriate support to pupils

Find out why MindSafe is loved by parents, teachers and pupils!
β€œIf they're not feeling happy and safe learning is not going to happen. This gives them their own space, where it's ok to talk about how they're feeling”
Adila K - Teacher and DSL

β€œAn incredible resource! Wonderful to know in difficult times MindSafe is an easy, effective way my child can access comfort. So easy to use.”
Chrissy S-F, Parent and Front Line NHS Worker

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Mood Diary, Journal, Talk, Access to Help, Personalized Reports and more

MindSafe offers a simple way for pupils to manage their mental wellbeing – through the platform, they become more aware and learn when they need to focus on it and seek support from someone they know and trust.
MindSafe is a safe and secure online place where children and teenagers can process their emotions, track their wellbeing, and seek emotional support
Builds resilience as an integral part of their lives
Our anonymous reports can help teachers identify which groups of pupils may need additional support
Regular updates from MindSafe are packed with insightful metrics and reports that help you discover trends and identify whether safeguarding and wellbeing measures are effective
Our reports can also provide a transparent and accountable SLT and Governing Body, underpinning data-driven decision making
MindSafe helps you meet your DfE obligation to support pupils' mental wellbeing and is endorsed by many local councils

What is MindSafe and how does it work?

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